Dare to balance

Recently, someone reminded me about the quote that “life isn’t equality” and it led me felt there is something not really true. Yeap, by the eyes, by the mind, and by the senses, the inequality always is existed as it to be, and the inequality doesn’t mean everything seem to be difficult to be reached.

I used to know that dare to do dare to response, and seriously I mean it must be dare to balance and then everything will be itself.

Everything is not far as well as is not close, it’s not just belong to me. Try to find out what will be mine takes so much time at all, but I must try, try, and try.

It’s not too young to try and there is only one way to walk on with out any choices, accept it and go, that’s all I need to do.

It’s maybe too long to reach the peak, but totally it’s not the real problem, do nothing is the case needed to solve with, and at least, there is a chance which is just do.

It’s too hot out side doesn’t mean it’s the summer itself, it means your skin will be burn and you look stronger with brown sugar face.

Last night, focusing on the vid which shows one side about architecture and they supposed that an important characteristic that an architecture should own is optimistic, and that made my real night even to become an architecture was one of my dream. However, everything could be, it’s only stopped when there is no inspiration to inspire.

Dare to balance Dare to live

Dare to go dare to look back

Dare to love dare to be free…


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