Summer’s coming to me…

My toes just touch the water

The strange wind, strange shanty, and it made something strange which might be not new at all.

The wind in an early morning is enough for refreshing everything those are living and shining. So, don’t forget to smile to myself. It is not truly hard, it is?

The sun never goes down on me, it makes me sick, it makes me hot, it burns me, but totally it leads me go quickly to reach a beautiful life. In any closed places, at any cozy corners, and in any strange spaces, takes a deep breath and everything is real, everything is different as well.

Those days and months has gone as they are, and the time seems to be intangible through tik-tak tik-tak and seriously it creates itself. Don’t wait, just go to change to be challenged to create chances.

Thinking of soft sounds and voices, and will smile for each moments of life, it’s just my life.


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