It’s just 2015

Time stood still, comes to me, seriously and simply til the final day of 2014.

Everything seems to be stood still to me catch and touch, to hug deeply.

For those moments, just feel free and just wanna think of and do simple things, for those I totally need.

I still thinking of you even I used to said to myself that I it should be stopped, however I couldn’t do it. Why not? Why do I try to stop thinking of you while I couldn’t. It’s hard, absolutely hard!

For this step, nothing to say but I have everything in mind to do, it might be enough to me.

Hello 2015, there were more than 356 days I missed U! I am trying to do everything in simple ways, that is really good my Dearest! Let me know you are smiling at me, okie ❤

IMG_3003I’ve been here The Highland in Vietnam, just felt closed to U (^_^)


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