The day of memorises …

To my Dearest!

IMG_1677It seems to be easier for me to keep an eyes on the horizon without trying. Just look straight ahead and I feel can catch your eyes and be embraced by you. So warming and shanty.

As time goes by like you used to know, that lead me understand that I need to save not only money, but also is time. Your time seems to be infinite, and my time is losing itself bit by bit.

As I learn to be braver and I am must alive well, so I guess you are happy in each intangible moments.

Today, You must be busy, mustn’t you? And me, I am busy enough to catch each second goes through my eyes to my mind, I miss you totally.

Absolutely, I have learned to stay strong enough to cry for every valuable moments in my life. It is difficult to fly away without any connected things, and it leads me be a looser, seriously. I choose to stay on those steps belong to me even it make me feel confusing, but at least I am living in this life.

Deeply in my heart I believe in love, and from now on, I will only spend one day like today to miss you and all of your memories as well because You Loved Me and believed in me…


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