The words that be sent to youth


It’s the fortune, anyone could get, then it is the lucky goods

It’s the preface of a bestseller book, it’s must to read

It’s the string bridge used to connect two peaks and keep inside itself the edge of mystery. Just feeling the safe after going through.
It’s the cloudy sky, must be rain even at somewhere the sunlight is dancing by itself.
It’s a soul-mate, who always beside you with all the fear and the happyness
It’s the tranquil greenfield which has never had an end point
It’s the little breeze in the early April morning, just wanna it never stop
Then, just realize that we are glancing our youth and trying to save the innocent, and then understand it just stands deeply inside the bottom of a complicated heart. It’s still purest as the first time.

Ah, to be an adult must go through the youth, mustn’t it?u.

Just wanna watch the So Young with my beloveds in the breeze of April time.


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