A book for youth

Young people need three things, those are: A mother who understand her child enough, a soul-mate and a real idol to grow up.

It likes so many people around the world, he is my idol ’cause not only is his appearance but also are his bravery, his love and his eternal way.

I found him in book. It’s the first book I’ve bought this book by my own money.  It was published in 2002 by the First New Vietnam ” The legend of CHE” by Fidel Castro, Fernando D. Garcia, Oscar Sola.

This book is included 17 chapters and 2 chapters of annex. There are stories of Che’s friends about him and his diary in thirty years . A three-quarter of it tells story about his life in prison, revolution in Cuba and Bolivia, and how was he adventured his journey. The rest gives the information of his childhood and I am very keen on this short part. I love how her mother took care him and she helped him go through his disease. To me, the chapter: The sound of new ways is my best part in this book.

It is started with an image of him and his horse, and the caption is a letter of him for mother, he said that his way was going and it seemed to be his faith. There are so many photos of him in this book, however, I love the photo about him and his mobile-bicycle. The caption in this photo is just stayed in a short sentence ” Let’s go”, but It seem to be an incredible job.

Going gives to us the thing that we wonder about the world, and going will open our eyes that will be the hardest border of each life.

There is a tiny part in this book points out that he was not only a doctor but also was a researcher, he had invented one type of pesticide. I was definitely excited, it’s so amazing.

It inspires me so much and I found that “Just going”, going even I am standing.

Because each book will lead you going, so try to find down your needed one now.



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